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How to Sing Better – Ways to Improve Your Singing Voice

Ways to Improve Your Singing Voice

The voice is an instrument, and the ability to sing must be exercised and honed. It’s easy to confuse natural talent with understanding how to sing, but it is more common that good singers are unaware of how to care for and get the most from their instrument.

Learn the Proper Way to Sing

Singing is more than opening your mouth and letting sound come out. Proper singing involves correct posture, mouth movement, tongue use, breath control, and a good grasp on music itself. A vocal coach is the best tool for learning to sing well, but you can pick up the basics yourself.

Open Your Mouth Wider

Many people sing with their mouths barely open without realizing they are doing it. Opening the mouth wider allows for more air to get into the mouth and lungs and restricts the tongue and jaw less.

Relax Your Tongue

When singing, the tip of the tongue should rest against your bottom teeth. If your tongue is further back in your mouth, it is not relaxed enough to produce the sounds you wish to make.

Manage Your Posture

Proper singing posture is standing erect with your shoulders relaxed. Your jaw should be loose and you should position your mouth in a movement similar to a yawn to create the best singing environment for your vocal chords.

Warm Up Your Vocal Chords

Warm-ups simply get you started and allow your voice time to ready itself for singing. Warm-up your entire vocal range, instead of just your most comfortable singing voice.

Sing Out

You get out of singing what you put in, and singing with little energy and enthusiasm is what will emerge no matter how much natural talent you possess. Think about it, if you scrub the floor, it will get clean, but it you half-heartedly wipe a cloth across it, it won’t look half as good as a good scrub down.


Practice everyday to continue to build on the progress you have made. Singing is an exercise for your vocal chords, so the more you exercise, the stronger they will become and the better at it you will get.

Breathing Techniques

The main focus is breathing with your diaphragm, not your chest. This will help with breath control and holding notes when singing.

Sing Songs You Like

Choosing songs you don’t care about doesn’t motivate you to sing. Sing songs you like and can be enthusiastic about singing.

Avoid Things that Can Harm Your Voice

The voice can be ruined just like any other instrument that is mistreated. Some things to avoid are probably obvious, but other things have surprising ramifications for a singing voice.


Smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke can dry out the mouth, throat, and vocal chords. It also damages lungs and decreases breath control, making singing difficult or permanently changing a voice due to the side effects.

Dairy Products

Dairy can build up mucus in the vocal chords and lungs, making your voice sound phlegmy and indistinct.

Acidic, Hot, or Cold Drinks

Fruit juice, hot tea, or very cold drinks can tighten up the throat. This tightness will restrict the ability to sing.


Caffeine tightens the vocal chords and hinders the voice’s range. Keep in mind drinking juice, caffeine, or hot and cold drinks are not forbidden, but are not recommended before singing.


Alcohol acts as a numbing agent in your throat. If your throat is numb and you attempt to sing out, you could be doing damage you cannot feel. Some cough syrups, throat lozenges, and other prescriptions can cause the same problem.

Not Resting Your Voice Properly

Resting your voice is essential to good vocal health. Try not to scream or yell a lot, and be sure not to use your voice unless necessary when ill or after exertive singing.

Guys Start Singing Better Using the Superior Singing Method

How would you like to increase your singing ability and improving your chances of getting discovered. Not only are men improving their singing voice and improving their ability to control the sound, they are gaining a full octave in their range. If you are struggling with your singing career, just starting out in the music industry, or just want to impress the ladies, this Singing Method program will literally change your life.

Can Superior Singing Method Change Your Life?
There are too many guys who have the ability to sing but just are not reaching the full range they possess. The Superior Singing Method helps you to sing effortlessly with incredible control, all after just a few minutes of practicing. If your singing voice has been turning off the ladies because of shakes, breaks, and cracks, this 8 step vocal training system will change things immediately. You will learn the secrets to how to sing better for guys straight from world renowned vocal training expert Aaron Anastasi.

Increasing Your Vocal Power
When you utilize the techniques in the Superior Singing Method, you improve your vocal power by eliminating tension. Now you have the confidence and the power to sing at a higher level. Within the course are vocal exercises that will allow you to increase the strength of your voice muscles and improve resonance. The end result will be better pitch, tone, and more control over your voice while at the peak of your vocal range.

Improving Your Singing Pitch
If you are having trouble singing with an accurate pitch, this program will give you the skills to improve your vocal muscles and instantly transform the level of your pitch. The vocal exercises help you to rapidly improve the quality of your pitch, especially if you are currently singing towards the high end of your range. The ladies will be impressed with your ability to hold a note effortlessly, whether singing low melodies or high range ballads.

Changing the Tone of Your Voice
One of the most beneficial reasons for immersing yourself in this unique program is you will learn a variety of techniques that will first identify your tone, then give you step-by-step instruction on how to bring out the best in your voice. Now you have the ability to sing with a rich, smooth, full tone that is going to be completely unique. In this course you will find video lessons that will show you the secrets to unlocking a more natural tone in your singing voice.

Vocal Range Improvements
Other how to sing better for guys programs do not focus on improving your vocal range, something that is necessary if you want to hit those high notes with no strain. This program includes one section that is completely dedicated increasing vocal range with state of the art plyometric exercises. These exercises give you an advantage over other singers who are not focusing on increasing their vocal range by allowing you not to damage your voice while singing.

Developing Your Vocal Agility
Bouncing from one note to another is a skill that the best singers in the world possess. Most new singers never develop this much needed skill because they utilize programs that only focus on range and power, putting these singers at a significant disadvantage. Now you have the tools to become a great singer that can flow more easily from low to high notes. Your vocal runs will be performed easily without ever wavering during the song. You will hold the audience captive as you flow from high to low with the grace of a seasoned veteran in this industry.

Creating Your Own Mix Voice
If you want the music industry to take you serious, you need to be able to sing those high notes with better tone, less strain, and more power. By smoothing out the transitions to your voice when you are singing, the audience will be able to become invested in your true talent. Included within the Superior Method program are detailed exercises for developing your mix voice. These detailed exercises will eliminate the breaks and cracks in your voice, leaving you with a smooth sound that resonates in the room. Now you have the unique ability to sing continuously with better control, better tone, and better pitch.

Take Your Singing to the Next Level
Regardless what singing talent level you are on, you always have room for improvement. Once you have completed the course and get your singing to the peak of your ability, you can then focus on advanced singing techniques to challenge yourself to becoming a true superstar in this industry. The Superior Singing Method is perfect for anyone who is just beginning their singing journey, but the advanced sections allow those who quickly have mastered all the basics to put themselves to the test and see how far they can improve. The advanced sections will bring your dreams of being a professional singer closer than you ever imagined.

Stop struggling with local voice teachers or online classes that leave you in worse shape than when you first started. The Superior Singing Method is designed with specific steps that will improve your singing ability one step at a time. The end result is you will have developed a wider range, more powerful, and unique pitch that will transform the way people hear your singing voice. Your improved singing voice will be popular with the girls, intriguing to those in the music industry, and strong enough to give you many successful years in this challenging industry.